Thursday, June 24, 2010

"THEY" : The Flirts of PKK

This week PM Erdogan mentioned that PKK is subcontractor of some countries which may have some interests and secret agendas about Turkey's political character and constitutinal union.I frankly agree with this claim made by Erdogan,because it is not so far from now that we read the news that many American origined martial equipments have been found,by Turkish troops in PKK camps in southeast of Turkey.As known,USA and Turkey decided to co-oporate agains terrorist organizations that may threat the territorial unity of both countries.Why the allience of USA is important about the challenge against PKK? The answer is simply clear,USA is the only hegemonic power on Iraqi zone,and the natural borders that bind Turkey to Iraq is the path of PKK guerillas which can not be taken under control without USA's back up.On the one hand USA seem to be serious about cooperation with Turkey to set some measures about the intelligence about operations against the terrorists,On the other hand; ironically we lately evidenced few terrorist attacks made by PKK which could be resisted by using the cooperation on intelligence.Besides,one of the terrorist attacks organized by Kurdish terrorist group in İskenderun,how incidently,happened just after the flotilla attack made by Israel(!),we already have witnessed that Israel years along insisted not to accept that PKK as a terrorist organization.And the other issue that may be remarkable to mention;The secret support of European States to PKK.Obviously criminal and well known leaders of PKK, live in countries such as France,Belgium,Germany,Austria in peace and,these Countries insist not to give these criminals by some so called democratic reasons,now at this point i wonder if anything like this could be accepted by these countries,as if Turkey kept a criminal terrorist leaders who lead, terrorist or illegal organizations threating their countries? The answer is clearly "no,they would not".So that,i totally agree with PM Erdogan about the speech,he made this week after terrorist attacks.When Turkey shakes herself and start to grow up,this terrorist organization gets more actively to attack and changing the domestic agenda,thus Turkey can not be fully focused on economic stability,searching for investment advantages and the new peaceful strategies for turkey's region that may be followed.Question is;How Turkey will deal with this unfair game? Will Turkey chicken out against the hypocrisy of THEM(!) or will Turkey speak out and say with a stronger voice,ENOUGH! ??

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  1. you're completely right. we will see what will be.howewer,we listened many speech about this subject after important terrorist attacks.Tayyip is not first. but he may be first with his done.(esad)